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Data cabling projects

With 12 years of experience, we are providing standard structured cabling services for large and small offices based on your system requirements as per in standard compliance.

Nework data cabling installation

Network cabling installation

Fiber optics cabling installation

Fiber Optics 

Nuisky Pacific  Data cabling project

Acetech completed the data cabling and network infrastructure project for the Sky lounge building including wireless and surveillance system.

Data cabling & network infrastructure

NMSA Fiber Optics Cabling Project

Acetech completed the installation of the fiber optics cabling uplink indoor installation using the OM3 fiber optics cable for the National Maritime Safety Authority's main office.

Fiber optics cabling installation

NMSA MMI OFFICE Data cabling project

Data cabling and fiber optics uplink project in NMSA office MMI building

Structured data cabling
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